Catholic School Council

Catholic School Council 2023-2024

Welcome to our newly elected Catholic School Council:

Chair: Liz Clannon

Vice-Chair: Nelia Lo Russo

Treasurer: Vince Genuardi

Secretary: Susan Carvalho (Bangi Adedeji & Angela Ciabattoni)

Officers of the Council:

Gina LeJambe

Michelle Ward

Teacher Rep: Ms. A. Livoti

All STL parents are welcome to attend all meetings. Meetings will be held in the Learning Commons (Library) at 6:30 pm.  Please mark your calendars for the following meeting dates:

  • Tuesday, October 3, 2023
  • Tuesday, November 7, 2023
  • Tuesday, January 9, 2024
  • Tuesday, February 6, 2024
  • Tuesday, April 2, 2024
  • Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes May 7.pdf

http://2024 04 02 Catholic School Council Minutes DRAFT

2024 02 06 Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes February.pdf

2024 01 09 Catholic School Council REVISED MINTUES JANUARY 2024.pdf

2023 11 07 Catholic School Council Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 2023-.pdf

2023 10 03 Catholic School Council OCTOBER MINUTES 2023.pdf



Catholic School Council 2022-2023

Thank you to our parents working together for our Catholic School Council this year:

Chair – Mrs. Clannon
Vice-Chair – Mrs. Lo Russo
Treasurer – Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Porter
Secretaries – Mrs. DeSousa and Mrs. Cabral

Officers of the Council:
Mrs. Ciabattoni
Mr. Genuardi
Mrs. LeJambe
Mrs. Traficante

Teacher Representative: Ms. Livoti

Please join us for our Catholic School Council Meetings held in our school Learning Commons (Library) at 6:30 pm.

Monday, November 7, 2022
Monday, January 16, 2023
Monday, February 6, 2023
Monday, April 3, 2023
Monday, May 8, 2022